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Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 1 Online Elena and Damon have had a summer of sex…and perhaps not a lot of else. they appear deliriously happy once finally obtaining along and whereas Elena wonders whether or not they will have a long-distance relationship whereas she is at Whitmore faculty, they each appear determined to create this work. At identical time, Elena can’t shake the sensation that one thing may well be “wrong” with Stefan, however she appears reluctant to inform Damon concerning this lingering feeling. Holy Roman Emperor thinks it’s residual guilt over selecting Damon, however Elena doesn’t essentially agree. Stelena shippers can get pleasure from a specific moment during this episode, however i believe it’s clear that Elena is proud of Damon. whether or not that changes within the future can stay to be seen.

Caroline and Elena ar appalled once Megan not fair, World Health Organization has been mistreatment Jeremy all summer to convert her friends that she’s still alive and traveling shows up as their third friend and Holy Roman Emperor isn’t precisely receptive to a replacement face. after they understand there’s additional to Megan than meets the attention, you would possibly trust her chilly behavior.

Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 1 Matt had a windstorm European journey, complete with sex. lots of sex. once he and wife share a rather sweet bye despite their vow of “no strings”, he settles back to life in Mystic Falls, albeit with a suave new angle. however it's like Matt brought one thing back with him from Europe. however he’s rather appalled once a lady reveals that she followed him home once a gathering in Europe…and there’s lots of reasons to be suspicious concerning her. whereas lots of things aren’t clear at once, what's clear is that Matt incorporates a massive role to play this season.
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